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Destination Balttour


The annual Latvian travel trade fair Balttour 2010 is the biggest yet, with over 20,000 attendees and two halls packed with stands from Latvia and abroad.


Dr. Olga Galkina’s dental service

We are pleased to represent our clinic, aimed to meet all of patient needs in dental services. We offer the services of highly qualified dental surgeons and technicians.   We provide dental services with the aim to safe the time of our clients and do our best to make high quality work within a short period of time. In case of urgency we are able to arrange a visit to our clinic within one day.

Politics Economics Real Estate

NATO strategic communications center accredited in Riga

NATO accredits “center of excellence” in Riga

Baltics react to reports of missiles in Kaliningrad

Russia confirms deployment of Iskander missiles that could reach Latvia

PM resigns; president begins talks on new government

PM resigns; president begins talks on new government


New route Ashgabat-Riga-Toronto to be built in stages

Riga airport welcomes first Turkmenistan Airlines flight from Ashgabat

Latvijas gaze

Latvia must “act now” on energy independence

Advisor to prime minister voices frustration over Latvia’s energy sector

Wagner coin

Wagner coin up for “best in the world”

Collector’s coin minted in Latvia is up for a “coin Oscar”


Riga to get new six-floor building

A contract has been signed for a new residential building in Riga's presigious Art Nouveau district.

Pils iela 23

Historical property in Riga sold

An elegant, visible and historical building on Dome Square has gone under the hammer.

Astor Rezidence

Building starts on luxury apartment complex

Work starts on new luxury apartments on corner of Lāčplēša and Kr.Barona

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