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For truly high-class dining in a secluded retreat, it’s hard to beat Renommé.

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Ambassador of Italy to Latvia, Sebastiano Fulci

LIVES: When I arrived here, I have been living in the historic Jacobs Barraks in Old Torna Iela since Octo-ber. But I decided to move my Residence to an elegant building in the Art Deco area of Riga, where I will probably live after February.  Until then I will be staying in one of the wonderful hotels of the city, and there are quite a few (such as Bergs, Radisson Blu, Grand Palace, Gallery Park, and in a lower category Neiburgs, Roma, Astor and Mercure). 

Bars Cafes National Food

First Dacha

This fabulous nightclub is probably the best party zone Riga has.

Music Factory: A Nice Place

It may sound infantile, but it actually is “a nice place”.


By day it’s perfect for creative meetings, by night for hanging with your beardy-weirdy buddies.

Emils Gustavs

Chocolate cafe Emils Gustavs

The soulful chocolate cafe Emils Gustavs Chocolate serves superb hot chocolate and delicious chocolate treats.


Almost painfully hip, Innocent boasts homemade cookies and cakes, Illy coffee, delicious sandwiches and one of the best salad bars in town, all to the tune of alternative background music

Art Café Sienna

The owner of this tastefully positioned spot, Liene Jelinska, offers a refreshing way to view Riga’s famous Art Nouveau architecture, from the comfort of your own chair with a warming beverage in your hands.

Rye bread

Rye bread is an institution in Latvia, and will be placed on almost every table; breakfast lunch or dinner.

Organic honey

There is definitely something about Latvians and their honey.

Smoked fish

Smoked fish or in fact smoked anything is not only a tasty meal but also a national pastime.


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