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Coyote Fly

By Amy Bryzgel. 29.09.2008

Coyote Fly

Palasta 3, Riga
Phone: +371 67227794
Wokring hours: Mon-Wed 11:00 - 22:00,Thu-Fri 11:00 - 3:00,Sat 11:00 - 6:00,



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  The name doesn’t reveal much about this place. It much sooner resembles an American diner than the bar in the film Coyote Ugly. That said, the huge red-vinyl, diner-style booths are a nice touch, and the interior would be really cool if it weren’t for the bizarre and rather unsophisticated light show projected from above the bar. The bar itself is huge – consuming the entire room – which means plenty of space for lining up drinks on a busy Saturday night.


The atmosphere is hard to pinpoint – eclectic, relaxed, trendy, American-esque, these words all come to mind but do not paint a proper picture. In fact, the style of the bar is rather indefinite, but it's pleasant overall. The Latin music was booming when I was there, but when the deejays are on the job Wednesday through Sunday nights, it can be everything from 80s music to R&B. And it is played at typical ear-drum damaging club levels, good for dancing but not conversing.

 The booths lining the front windows would have an amazing view of the Daugava if it weren’t for the shopping mall/office complex obstructing it. But one doesn’t come here for the views. As one of Riga’s newest bars, it’s also fast becoming one of the trendiest – one of the places you must include on your club crawl of the Old Town.

 Prices here are moderate, with most cocktails ranging from 4– 8.5 euros. The bar’s specials – Coyote Fly Cocktails – are all 7 euros a pop, some packed with enough alcohol to be worth it. The Ms. Coyote is a sweet choice for the ladies, with three types of Martini, Sprite, and vanilla syrup, or try the more harsh Mr. Coyote for the men – a sort-of gin and rum and tonic.

 Smokers will delight in the fact that there is a special glass-enclosed smoking room at the front of the building, so you can go “outside” to smoke without freezing your fingers off in winter. It's an exciting place, nice for a night out although a bit pricey in comparison to other places in town – even in Old Town.

Rachelle 22.11.2009 05:06

My friend got turned away at the door because they said they 'don't let Jews in', another friend was called a gypsy, and
non-latvians are clearly not welcome and they let you know it. This club is racist and not even worth the effort. I hope this
place gets shuts down.


Reply on Rachelle

88 18.02.2012 06:28

HOPEFULLY it is! you, jews, niggers, gypsies are not welcome!

Adolf 13.05.2011 15:54

How about indians. Do they let indians in? I aint going if they do...


Dave (Canadian-Texan) 21.05.2012 12:41

Went the other night, but through a connection that got 2 of us on the list. I think even the doormen were surprised when
they realized our name was on a sticky note. But once they found it, went right in. That said, it's great night club. I've
been to the biggest in Vegas, and although this is much smaller, it actually has a more fun atmosphere. The door men managed
to keep a good ratio, filled up around 2am till 5am+. None of the drunken theatrics you see around old town. The best part
of the


Marc ( from Germany) 30.06.2012 11:36

This club isn´t good. The doorman´s are really high nosey and as a tourist you havn´t chance to come in. May be they are
racist. But they are not the only club in town. I think it´s still have another good clubs. But this one is not the best.
They let in the girls for free and the tourist with money must staying outside. Really stupid and not economical...


Three dudes from Finland 26.07.2012 10:47

We went to the Coyote Fly at the New Years eve and gotta tell you, waiting for 3,5 hours to get in was worth it. It's a
really nice looking club and the go-go dancers were good-looking. Better not visit it for second time though, so that the
memories will be good and not turn bad. Next time I'll be in Riga, I'll visit some other clubs people suggested on the
Stockholm-Riga cruise. ;)
Heard The Club, Larocca and Essential were good clubs as well. Will see about that. ;p


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