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Parex is back to its daily routine

By Editor . 14.01.2009

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“The depositors have finally started to return money to the bank, thus improving Parex’s liquidity and amount of banks reserves,”

 announced the new Chairman of the Board at Parex Banka Nils Melngailis to the business daily Dienas bizness. The State already has deposited EUR 958 million, in order to ensure the bank's liquidity.

At the end of 2008, the Latvian government suddenly announced the nationalization of Parex Banka, the largest homegrown financial institution and the second largest in the country. The decision was made to prevent the excessive outflow of deposits and other funds from Parex banka. According to the deal, the state owns 85 % of the bank’s capital. The remaining 15.17% of interest is still retained by Parex Banka’s minority shareholders.


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