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New towing company PKL Flote launches in Latvia

By Editor . 21.01.2009

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Two leading towing companies at Latvian ports, “PKL” Ltd. and “Ostas Flote” Ltd. have made the decision to combine forces for joint operations on the towage market.

The new company, “PKL Flote” Ltd. started offering towing services at the ports of Riga and Ventspils from January 2009 informs the Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics. “The companies merged at a time of increasing competition on the Latvian towage market, where the competition has been growing since 2008 when major European towing companies, such as “Smit Towage”, the world’s leading towing company, entered the Latvian market. Furthermore, two new tugboats, built by the Freeport of Riga, have started operating at the Port of Riga,” said the “PKL Flote” Ltd. Council Chairman Rein Tontson.

The new towing company created through the merger of the two leading towing companies of Latvia, “PKL Flote” Ltd. has a fleet of four tugboats at the Port of Riga and another four at the Port of Ventspils. Latvian towing companies closely cooperate with their Estonian, Russian and Finnish colleagues at the Baltic ports. At the moment, the PKL Group companies have 18 tugboats altogether, of which 12 were built over the past few years: it is a most modern fleet that offers top-level service to the clients of PKL Group. Another advantage of the merger is greater flexibility whenever the situation changes on the Riga and Ventspils towage markets. For example, the company’s tugboats can be swiftly relocated to a port where large-tonnage tankers are expected to arrive. This is not only in customers’ interest but also improves security at ports. “In the current economic circumstances, the combined forces of Latvian and Estonian towing companies on the market could set an example for other national companies of the Baltic countries. Especially for those that try to tackle the effects of the global financial crisis on highly competitive markets,” believes Rein Tontson.



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