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Follow the Red Brick Road

By Anita Kaze. 29.07.2008

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Riga certainly boasts more than its fair share of impressive architecture. One notable feature is a selection of impressive red-brick buildings scattered around Old Town. These mostly medieval masterpieces make excellent markers for our tour, giving a feel of the city’s Hanseatic heritage.


The Powder Tower (1)

Blast off on our tour from the Powder Tower. It's the only remnant of Riga's original fortification system, with similar examples seen in other Hanseatic cities... Smilšu 20

St. Jacob's Church (2)

The Catholic St. Jacob's Church is one of the oldest in Riga. It was built in the 13th century, first mentioned in 1225 and like many old buildings has been rebuilt over the years... Klostera 2


The Dome Cathedral (3)

This impressive house of worship is the largest religious building in the Baltics. It was erected shortly after Bishop Albert founded Riga in 1211. Doma laukums

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation (4)

As you enter this museum, you can see the buildings especially constructed for it in 1885. However, the museum is believed to have been founded in 1773, making it one of the oldest in Europe... Palasta 4

The House of Blackheads (5)

The House of Blackheads was first mentioned in 1334. It was originally a meeting place, but the Blackhead Brotherhood - a union of young unmarried foreign merchants - rented then bought the building in the 18th century... Rātslaukums 7

St. Peter's Church (6)

Not only does St. Peter's provide a beautiful and significant example of Gothic architecture, but it's spire contains an elevator in which you can ride up to admire the surrounds of Riga... Skārņu 19

St. John's Church (7)

This church literally falls in the shadow of the nearby St. Peter's, but don't let that dissuade you from visiting this fine red brick building of 1234... Skārņu 24

John's Courtyard (8)

John's Courtyard (Jāņa sēta) is the perfect place to end the tour because there are several bars and an outdoor restaurant to relax your feet... Jāņa sēta


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