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Club Traffic

By Inese Timuka . 11.09.2009


Aspazijas 22, Riga
Mobile: 37129191974
Skype: 5
Wokring hours: Mon-Wed : - closed,Thu 21.00 - 04.00,Fri-Sat 22.00 - 11.00,Sun : - closed,



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This club with a teasing name, Traffic, is located in the basement premises beneath the Hotel Riga that previously housed the striptease club Dolls.

It’s obvious that the venue's new owners have, fortunately, decided on a completely totally different feel to the place. At the moment there are two areas, namely one medium-sized dancefloor with a bar in the middle and comfy sofas around the edges, and a dark and separate smokers' lounge.

On our Friday night visit the club was virtually empty, but the marketing manager assured us that the "crowds" getting to know the place are mostly young, diverse, down-to-earth people who are unified in one common goal, simply to dance, relax and have fun. We also heard that Traffic really does fill up later in the night, beyond our bedtime, so don't be discouraged if it's not heaving with sweaty bodies by 11pm. The dancefloor is packedafter midnight, we were told, and the music never lets up until the club closes well into the wee hours.

It should be noted that the alcohol prices are lower then elsewhere in the Old Town, some 30 percent lower in fact, and there is no entrance fee, just a basic face control at the door. So head directly there if you want a few evening drinks before the lithe and youthful night party really starts.

Jim 20.10.2009 13:41

Well located in the city center. And that's the only good thing I can say about it. Don't waste your time here, you can find
plenty of better options for a night out in Riga...



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