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Scandal at Children's Hospital

By Editor. 05.11.2009

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Over LVL 700,000 seized from five persons suspected of violations in public procurement for Children's Hospital

The Corruption Prevention Bureau has seized more than LVL 700,000 in various currencies during searches at the workplaces and apartments of five persons suspected of violating the law in organizing construction procurement for the Children's Hospital; the origin of the money is yet to be investigated.

The criminal case on violations in organization of construction procurement for the state-owned Children's Clinical University Hospital in 2007-2009 was opened on October 22 this year, as the Corruption Prevention Bureau's representative Diana Kurpniece told LETA.
Five persons were detained on November 3: two hospital officials in charge of procurement procedures and three private individuals.
The Children's Hospital officials are suspected of misuse of power, taking and giving bribes, document forgery and fraud.

Both Children's Hospital officials who were detained on November 3 are remanded in custody. LETA has information that the two Children's Hospital officials are the hospital's administration manager Aivars Lisenko and board member Arnis Kramzaks; the latter is also member of the hospital's procurement committee.

The hospital's head Dzintars Mozgis told LETA that he had little information about what was going on. He said that two employees were absent yesterday, and, commenting the searches at the hospital, that all the procurement procedures at the hospital were in line with the law.
The Health Ministry's press secretary Oskars Sneiders told LETA that the ministry was informed about the Corruption Prevention Bureau's probe, but he could not further comment for the time being.

According to unofficial information, the Corruption Prevention Bureau is probing the Children Hospital's contracts with the companies "Pamats" and "PPF Buve" on construction of a new multifunctional wing for the hospital and renovation of the hospital's reception area.


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