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Lucia Day Concert in the Dome Cathedral

By Editor. 26.11.2009

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Saint Lucia's Day is the Church feast day dedicated to St. Lucy and is observed on December 13. It is celebrated mainly in Scandinavia, some countries in Europe, including Latvia.

Even though it is not officially part of Advent, St Lucia’s day marks the beginning of Christmas season and it means bringing of hope and light. Lucia can be perceived as a symbol of the good forces in life and a symbol of light in the dark winter. Its mission is to bring light and goodness, which is related to the meaning of “Lucia” (in Latin “lux”, “lucis” – light).

The Swedish Lucia celebration is an annual festival of medieval origin. The modern tradition of having public Lucia processions in the Swedish cities started in 1927. Today most cities in Sweden, schools, associations celebrates St.Lucia’s day by appoint its own Lucia every year. Lucia wearing a white gown with a red sash and a crown of candles (or lights) leads the Lucia’s procession followed by “sisters”.


Inese Galante, a well known and recognized worldwide, Latvian soprano opera singer.


Tālivaldis Deksnis started his musical career as a promising concert pianist in the seventies after graduating Latvian Academy of Music. At the same time he was deeply concerned with the condition of church organs in Latvia, thus becoming one of the few experts in organ building in Latvia.

Ulf Samuelsson, Swedish conductor and organist. He established his choir called Sankta Eugenia Vokalensemble in September 2008.


Nordea choir. Nordea choir was established on May 11th in 2009 when the most musical employees of Nordea bank gathered at the first rehearsal of Nordea choir. The choir is directed by talented, challenging and energetic conductor Janis Taranda.


Concert program

Sankta Eugenia Vokalensemble

Bereden Väg för herran (Make Way for the Lord) - From the Swedish Psalter



Sicut locutus est (ur Magnificat) - Text: Lukas 1:55; Music: Johann Sebastian Bach

O Sacrum convivium - Text: Tomas Aquino; Music: Olivier Messiaen

Ave Maria - Text: Luk 1:28, 42 with the addition from 15th century; Music: Tomás Luis de Victoria

Look Shepard of Bethlehem - Text: J.Ivor john; Music: Folke Bohlin

Gammal julvisa: „Guds Son är född” - Arr.: Otto Olsson


Nordea choir, conductor Jānis Taranda

Lūgšana (Prayer)

Veni Veni Emmanuel




Dievišķais mirdzums (Divine Brilliance)

Speech by H.E. Mr. Mats Staffansson, Ambassador of Sweden to Latvia

Part 3

Inese Galante

Largo - Music:George Frederic Handel


Stabat Mater - Music: Džovanni Batista Pergolezi


Pie Jesu - Music: Andrew Lloyd-Webber


Ave Maria - Music: Giullio Caccini

Part 4 – Lucia

Sankta Eugenia Vokalensemble

Sankta Lucia - Italian melody; Text (in Swedish): Sigrid Elmblad


Goder afton (Good evening) - Text: folksong; Music: Anders Öhrwall

Nu tändas tusen juleljus (Now thousand Christmas lights are lit) -Text and music: Emmy Köhler; Arr.: Ulf Samuelsson

Shepherds, in the field abiding -Text: G.R.Woodward; traditional Frech melody; Arr.: David Willcocks

Jul, jul, strålande jul (Christmas, glorious Christmas) - Text: Edvard Evers; Music: Gustaf Norquist

Stafansvisan (The song of St Stephen)- Swedish folgsong; Arr.: Ulf Samuelsson

Underbar en stjärna blind - Text: N.F.S. Grundtvig; text (in Swedish): Robert Kihlberg; Music: Erik Ekberg

Stilla natt (Silent Night) - Text (in Swedish): Oscar Mannström; Music: Franz Gruber

Sankta Lucia - Italian melody; Text (in Swedish): Sigrid Elmblad; Arr.: Jan Åke Hillerud

k68EJCztgry 01.10.2015 19:33

Ero a Milano fino a domenica, avlero saputo mi sarei trattenuta per il concerto!! Sare0 per la prossima volta ^_^Sono una
fan di Benedetta, la seguo sempre e proprio qualche giorno fa mi domandavo come sarebbe stato bello vederti nella sua cucina
Caspita deve aver letto nei miei pensieri!!! ;DEri strepitosa nella tua semplicite0! Se adesso mi chiedessero cosa e8 per me
la femminilite0 risponderei Filippa Lagerback! ^__^Un abbraccio e grazie per la deliziosa ricettinaSese8


7zpnIALHkA59 20.12.2015 16:58

Ma che carini i tuoi dioclni!!!Sei proprio bravina in cucina tanto che alla fine Benedetta non ti voleva lasciare pif9,
avrebbe voluto farti cucinare anche la Tacchinella Bellissime anche le tradizioni svedesi che hai raccontato a Benedetta
dovresti raccontarcele pif9 spesso, non credi???Meravigliosi anche i bambini immagino quanta gioia e calore c'era nella
piccola chiesetta, che meraviglia .Buona giornata,Melania.



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