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President Valdis Zatlers New Year's speach

By Editor. 04.01.2010

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Latvia needs responsible statesmen now, not a leader!

"Today we need responsible statesmen, not leaders. We need statesmen to find the right way and to inspire the people," said Zatlers.

The president urged residents to vote in the 10th Saeima elections in the fall, and to vote wisely.

"The state is as strong as its citizens are. Relying on a leader damages the country sooner or later," Zatlers said.

Zatlers criticized those who say that they love Latvia but do not love the country that they live in. "We are the state, and we, each of us, create our state - at our jobs, with the taxes we pay, with our social and political participation and responsibility," stressed the president.

2010 will be a year when maturity of Latvian citizens and politicians will be tested, because a new prosecutor general will have to be approved, and a new Saeima elected, Zatlers reminded.

"The way these issues are solved, how effective the election process will be controlled, and the transparency and legitimacy of these processes will determine what country we will live in in the future," said Zatlers.

Zatlers believes that in 2009 the people of Latvia learned to take responsibility for themselves and their future, they have become more prudent, helpful to each other and more active.

In Zatlers' opinion, the priorities this year will include political stability, strengthening the rule of law and promoting employment. Although 2010 will be a year of hard work, Zatlers is confident that the people of Latvia are prepared for challenges.


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