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Latvia awards genuine innovators

By Anatol Steven. 18.02.2011

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Innovative companies presented with the country’s latest annual awards

The “Export and Innovation Award 2010” annual entrepreneurial awards have just been announced, recognising Latvia’s best exporters, designers and producers of innovative goods, altogether representing 33 Latvian companies.
This is the sixth time the Ministry of Economy and the Latvian Investment and Development Agency have given these awards, which have special significance given that Latvia’s economic recovery is proceeding faster than expected largely due to an increase in exports.
Taking the most innovative products as an example of the awards, first place is awarded to the company Baltic Scientific Instruments for its development of spectrometric devices and detectors used in the fields of nuclear energy, environmental science, geology and medicine.
In second place, Autonams has developed an anti-theft device for agricultural, forestry and road construction machinery, preventing vehicles from being started unless a unique PIN code has been entered.
Third comes Jaunpagasts Plus, whose technologists have designed a bioethanol by-product, a pelletized protein concentrate intended for feeding all farm animals.
Recognitions are presented to E Forma, a visual communication agency for producing an interactive reading primer unique because of its visual design and the pronunciation of letters; Aviatest LNK, the only laboratory in the Baltics specializing in the full-scale testing of aircraft and helicopters; and Telemetrica for its new street-lighting control panel system. For more information on the awards, read the Latvian Institute factsheet at: HTTP://WWW.LI.LV/IMAGES_NEW/FILES/2011_02_18_ NO1-EXPORT&INNOVATION AWARDS 2010.DOC
[Photo: EPA Photo/AFI/Boriss Kolesnikovs]

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