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Five-star hotel organizes “supercar” challenge

By Anatol Steven. 23.05.2011

Supercar challenge
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Gallery Park Hotel organizes adventure driving “supercars” through Latvia and Scandinavia

Continuing a tradition that has become well established in Riga over the last few years, the Gallery Park Hotel is organizing a unique and exclusive event this week that brings together a number of brightly colored, sleek and beautiful “supercars”.
The Gallery Park Hotel Supercars Challenge 2011 is an international journey across Baltic and Scandinavian borders in which participants explore a long and adventurous drive with control points set out across Latvia, Sweden and Norway.
Last year, the event took the drivers mainly through the Baltic countries. This time it escorts them predominantly through the Nordic countries but also includes a loop through Latvia. Participants include leading business representatives in Latvia and Russia.
This “Scandinavian tour” starts with an opening ceremony on May 25 at the foot of the elegant staircase leading up to the front doors of the 5-star Gallery Park Hotel in center of the Latvian capital, and ends on May 30.
The first two days in Riga are also planned to be highly adventurous. The participants will have an opportunity to ride the Sigulda Bobsleigh Track, enjoy another spell of excitement at the Riga Shooting Center, and also take an opportunity to drive in the track at Sports Complex 333 and fulfill the maximum power these unique and luxurious cars have to offer.
For further information about the Gallery Park Hotel Supercars Challenge 2011, you can contact Project Coordinator Laura Kubasa, tel. 371 6733 8830.

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