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Green Key and Blue Flag eco-awards presented

By Andra Kunstberga. 23.05.2014

Gallery Park Hotel
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Hotels, beaches and marinas awarded international eco-certificates

An awarding ceremony of the eco-certificates Green Key and Blue Flag has taken place at Latvia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. 

Green Key signs are being given to hotels in Latvia in 2014 after a few years’ break and so far three properties have been awarded. First to be certified this year was the luxury 5-star Gallery Park Hotel in central Riga.

Worldwide, 2400 hotels in 45 countries have the Green Key. Green Key is a voluntary eco-label for tourism facilities which promotes sustainable tourism and aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change by awarding and advocating facilities with good ecological initiatives.

Gallery Park Hotel is the first hotel in the Baltics to enter the Baltic Sea Action Group – a sustainable environmental program designed to offer and share knowledge and experience, raise awareness and involve other hotels and companies. Based in Finland, the group's mission is to revive the ecological state of the entire Baltic Sea. Gallery Park Hotel’s aim is to prove that luxury can finally be sustainable.

A member of the exclusive Châteaux & Hôtels Collection, Gallery Park Hotel is the only hotel in Latvia assigned a “5-star Superior” level according to the standards and classification of the international Hotelstars Union. Its restaurant Renomme has been included in lists of Europe’s top five best restaurants.

Meanwhile, Blue Flags will be waving at 15 beaches and marinas in Latvia this year, as a sign of water quality, environmental management, information, safety and services. These are:

Ventspils beach

Liepaja beach near stadium

Lielais Stropu Lake, Daugavpils 

Vakarbulli beach, Riga

Abragciema campsite beach, Engure 

Martinsala beach, Kuldiga 

Radzu Reservoir swimming area, Jekabpils 

Jaunkemeri, Majori, Bulduri, Dzintari beaches in Jurmala 

Saulkrasti beach

Liepaja Yacht Center

Pavilosta Marina 

Captains Port, Kuivizi village


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