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Expat favorites

By RigaNOW!. 20.09.2015

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In the latest in a series of articles looking at expats’ personal recommendations, Italian entrepreneur Riccardo Capuzzo reveals his favorite haunts.

I moved here from Milan 6 months ago, but I had been in Riga several times already, as Design42Day is media partner of Riga Fashion Week. I think Latvia is a good place to settle your business, that’s why Design42Day is now a Latvian company. Also, I have also been appointed creative director of Creame, a brand founded this year by Picanova, the world leading company in customized wall decor.



I live very close to Rimi market in Barona Centrs, in a very good position. I enjoy cooking and even if in my area there are many good restaurants, I like to keep a piece of Italy at least in my kitchen and cook by my own.


Favorite restaurants

In Riga the average gastronomy level is pretty high and there is an impressive variety of food offerings. The attention on quality and details is something easy to notice even in simple bistro restaurants like Pipars in Old Town. Vina Studija is one of my favourite restaurants as well, and I love their ginger soup, I am not generally a soup fan but that one could come from a starred restaurant. And we have Biblioteka, which definitely is more expensive than the average restaurant in Riga, but also is one of the restaurants with the best price/quality ratio that I have ever been in my life.


Favorite walk

I like to cross Old Town, pass the bridge and walk beside the river till the end of that quay where there are those big letters that compose the word Riga. For all tourists I just suggest to get lost in Old Town, they will love the places and the atmosphere.


Pub or bar

Pub, I like the dark wood of certain pubs and thick tables with rounded edges, I even enjoy the thud of the big glass of beer hitting the wood table.


Secret Riga:

a hidden gem

The stairs at the Riga Art Nouveau Museum, I know it is not hidden at all, but many people that came to Riga have not seen it so it is worth to mention that fascinating stairs designed by Konstantīns Pēkšēns.


Cultural or music venue

I remember a very interesting exhibition called Hyperbolic Planes and Sustainability Networks by Latvian mathematician and artist Daina Taimiņa at Kim? Contemporary Art Center. I always find very interesting the mix between art and science.


Favorite store

Riija in Tērbatas Iela, a true essence of Latvian good design.


Weekend activity

Partying! And restore myself after partying.


Out of town retreat

Still need to discover new places out of Riga, anyway I enjoy walking in Mežapark. I know it is still in Riga city, but when I go there I feel like being in vacation even if it is just a 15 minutes ride away from my Latvian home.


If you are an expat living in Riga/Jurmala  and you would like to share your opinion about Riga, please feel free to contact us:


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