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Latvia’s surprising Spas

By Anita Kaze, Jelena Chivkina. 21.08.2008

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  Riga makes tourists feel like at a picnic in its city but have you ever heard of a Spa picnic? Instead of eating sandwiches and apple pies in Riga’s cafes and restaurants, why not enjoy something more exquisite: spa rituals, procedures, spa relaxation and frivolity.


There are many good ways to improve your health by abandoning yourself to spa treatments, relaxing in Riga’s ravishing hotels and enjoying healthy, salubrious and divine spa treatments!


Latvia's reputation as a place to go for luxurious relaxation in one of its many spas is growing each year. The locals and the Russians have known this for over a century, but now the secret is out as the rest of Europe, and in fact the world, is coming here to unwind and enjoy.


Spa centers offer accomodation and rehabilitation packages which start from 3 days and go to 2 weeks, offering various combinations of relaxing massage. The packages are worked out after consultations with the respective experts, depending on the health status of the customer. Parallel to this visitors can try mineral water treatments, including mineral showers, hydro-massage, warm and cool swimming pools and more.

If you want to be in tune with the latest trends, you will then return home slimmer, younger-looking and full of sprightly energy. To reach this goal, however, be prepared to spend some time in the local spa centers.

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand with the spa lifestyle. That means you avail yourself to the wide range of sessions and recreation packages starting from cosmetic beauty treatments up to stylists and hairdressers.

It's your health, and your choice. Here are our favorite luxury spa recommendations:


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