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By Anita Kaze. 27.08.2008

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If you’ve got a sick sense of humor, cure it at Hospitālis.

This new restaurant was dreamed up by three doctors who decided their colleagues needed a place to meet, eat and have a laugh. To decorate the place, the basements of the country’s hospitals were raided to unearth a fantastic collection of old medical equipment. See glass syringes with screw on needles, microscopes, medical dictionaries, drips, scalpels and other operating instruments. Seating is in zones so you can enjoy your meal at an autopsy table, dental setting or beside obstetrical stirrups – if you don’t know what they are ask a gynecologist. We were assured that all these are completely clean, but let’s hope not by using the soviet-age sterilizer by the doorway…

The international menu presents inexpensive lunch items or an average priced evening selection. We avoided the “crazy menu” where for €17 you’re bound in a straight-jacket and fed soup by one of the sexy nurse-waitresses, or for €50 you get half a kilogram of Argentinean steak served rare and stitched up so that you have to perform an operation to eat it. Instead, we tried fried duck breast with honey glazed swede and a delicious fruity sauce which was generous, albeit a little chewy (€15). A better choice is the stewed lamb with peppermint (€12.50), served with a genuine smile by professional wait-staff. There’s a decent wine list and some of the reasonably priced cocktails come served in medical vessels to carry on the fun.


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