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Samsonite Black Label

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By . 19.12.2008

Save to foursquare Kr. Barona 10-601 , Riga Mobile: +371 22849441
Working hours: Mon-Sun 10.45 - 19.45,



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Welcome to Samsonite’s only Black Label shop in the Baltics! Although Black Label is not Johnnie Walker’s premiere product, it is Samsonite’s. All Samsonite Black Label products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, and the company is so sure that they’ve given them a lifetime guarantee.

Samsonite is more than just suitcases these days; at the Riga shop on Barona iela they also offer purses, computer bags and briefcases in a variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes. This shop sells both the regular line and the black label line, but the salespeople will be sure to inform you which is which.

On my visit, a super-friendly and very knowledgeable salesperson showed me a Black Label computer case with ergonomically designed shoulder-straps to make transport easier (323). While that bag was good for pure practicality, I preferred the vintage-design computer handbag she showed me (267).

When you’re off to the Canary Islands this winter, you might as well travel in style. Choose a hard-back shiny black plastic case, or better yet, one with faux alligator patterning, or even another which has the imprint of ribs on the front, making it look eerily like a human chest.

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