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By I. 08.08.2008

Save to foursquare Kungu 8, Riga Phone: +371 67814455
Working hours: Mon-Wed : - closed, Thu-Sat 23.00 - 08.00, Sun : - closed,



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Nautilus has more of an atmosphere catering for serious dance-action.

The first impression as you step onto the main floor is that the music is really loud and chest-pumping. Even when passing the club on the street, the whole façade of the building vibrates to give you an idea of the mega-decibels inside. On the main dance-floor, the DJ is elevated up on a stage at the end of the room with huge fans next to him blowing a gale to keep the crowd cool. Behind all this there’s an enormous screen which mostly hypnotically beams out advertising. Smaller screens mounted along the walls of the main hall do the same, giving this place much more of a commercial feel. This area of Nautilus concentrates on popular club hits, and we heard quite a few of these remixed when we visited.

You can rise up above this all to the viewing platforms looking down at the action. One of the many bars at Nautilus is up here where you can escape the crowd, but not the noise. There’s a good range of drinks with a Corona Extra, Margarita or vodka and energy drink costing around €7 each.

This sizeable club has several other areas, all of which have a nautical theme with chrome fittings, various portholes and submarine style doors popping up around the place. There’s a smaller R ‘n’ B room with another bar and a more chilled-out vibe – its own DJ obviously playing R ‘n’ B, disco and old school dance. Then there’s the red, white and blue VIP room that places more of an emphasis on local and international pop music. If you want to talk, you can also head down to the entry area but there isn’t much seating. On this level there’s a separate room to keep the smokers happy. Here we met some British tourists when we visited (surprise, surprise!); however the club is generally known to attract more of an ethnic Russian crowd. From what we observed, the patrons were mostly in their 20s with a handful of older gents, and the level of dress was definitely more brash and flashy – lots of long legs and stilettos. Perhaps this is owing to the face-control policy at the door, where entry is only permitted to those above 21. The cover charge varies depending on when you visit and what gender you are. Ladies can enter for free up to just over €7, and men pay between nearly €3 and just over €7.


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