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By RigaNow!. 12.09.2008

Save to foursquare Dzirnavu 33, Riga Phone: +371 6733 1717
Working hours: Mon-Fri 6:30 - 23:00, Sat-Sun 7:00 - 23:00,



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Located in Albert Hotel, this quaint restaurant has the feeling of a large library and the menu offers a wide selection. Great for lunch or dinner.

The restaurant aims to bring the best of dining in the Baltics to Bestsellers, hens the name. The restaurant is vast and open, with plenty of trendy veneer covering the furniture and wall-to-wall bookcase that takes over almost one half of the restaurant. The other half of the restaurant is wall-to-wall glass that looks out onto the Jugenstil neighbourhood.

The comfortable mood is set with a lounge area for dining; even the other more traditional seating area in the restaurant has larger than normal chairs. On our visit a plump and round American patron was over heard saying, “nice chairs” as he snugly parked his backside. The bookcase also adds to this comfort zone; the books are just screaming out to be read, but there are so many of them you almost wish they had an on sight librarian to guide you through the shelves.

Now for the so-called innovative Bestsellers menu, the concept here is that you check off the items on the menu that you so desire, kind of like filling out a multiple choice form with no wrong answers. One would guess that this relieves the stress on the waiters from struggling through so many foreign languages and that no mistakes could have been made because you checked off the boxes yourself, but a copy of your form would be nice so that you can check off your items that you ordered as they arrive at your table, just to make sure of course.

It must be said that the menu is straightforward; these are all tried and tested dishes that most travellers have come to love. With such a diverse guest list from all over the globe staying a the hotel they are sure to find a dish on the menu that they will enjoy. The most expensive dish is the lamb cutlet fillet with Madeira sauce for about 20 euros, but they also serve a delightful Bestseller Club sandwich for a mere 6 euros.




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