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Black or White

By I.Timuka . 19.06.2009

Save to foursquare Corner of Antonijas and Elizabetes , Riga Mobile: 20377266
Working hours: Mon-Thu 10.00 - 23.00, Fri-Sat 10.00 - late, Sun : - close,



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A new restaurant has opened in one of the city’s more exclusive neighborhoods, yet it offers economy value and a wonderful journey of tastes. These premises were previously taken up by a charming wine cellar, and Black or White hasn’t changed the interior entirely, but the owners say they are working on that.



The first room has already been altered to adopt the atmosphere of a sports bar. On my visit there I met several locally known basketball players. The venue has been opened by three friends, Aleksejs, Vadims and Uldis. The fact that the owners are there every day seems to guarantee high quality in almost everything. Aleksejs and Vadims have been chefs for many years all over the city, while Uldis will be the one to artistically mix your cocktail. I recommend you to taste their special "BoW shot" or the Black or White long island iced tea.

The menu emphasizes Italian cuisine, but there are plenty of options. Vadims recommends the steak served with king boletus (mushroom) sauce, for €8.20. Or the oven-roasted dorada with spinach & blueberry sauce, at €8.60. We went for the latter, and the fish had a thin and delightfully crispy skin but remained perfectly succulent inside, going nicely with a selection of grilled vegetables. As for dessert, Vadims recommends his specially created white wine mousse, which he says is the hit of the season. Evidently, the location's previous guise as a wine bar is rubbing off.

The Black or White terrace is one of the nicest in the neighborhood. If you're there for lunch, ask for the special offer, which for € 6 allows you to choose between a combination of soup of the day and main course or salad and main course, plus coffee, tea or soft drink. The guys also like to stress that even though it's written that they work from 10am, the doors actually open at 9.

kxGU9B6jZPjK 01.10.2015 19:39

Maybe I'd buy that if I were an american, but I am not! I was born in one of the Soviet coetnrius, so I know. Even though it
is possible but it'll be in a different way, perhaps a russian mafia, but even they would do it for a reason!


oUS9n2n6Dzx 26.10.2015 07:49

Yes of course. We have the meovis for guests to watch. We always go one step further and provide guests the opportunity to
experience something similar to the movie Hostel. In Liepaja there is a real place that locks up tourists and abuses then for
a fee.



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