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Ostas skati

By . 20.08.2009

Save to foursquare Matrožu 15, Riga Mobile: 371 26693693
Working hours: Mon-Fri 9.00 - 22.00, Sat 11.00 - last vsitor, Sun 11.00 - 21.00,



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For a city located on a broad and beautiful river, it’s surprising just how few venues offer dining with a river view.

The highlight of the new restaurant Ostas skati (“Port Scenes”) is its alternative view of the city from the other side of the river, where you can admire the romantic breadth of the Old Town contrasting with views of Riga’s port. The proprietors define it as a “democratic restaurant offering good food for an appropriate price and a warm, welcoming atmosphere”,
which we found to be true enough. Don’t be surprised if Janis, the co-owner, invites you in himself and helps you find the best table.

The day we visited was stifling and the interior of the restaurant was too much so we chose to sit on the terrace, located right on the bank of the river providing a peaceful perch where you can listen to the sounds of the lapping water and seagulls while watching the boats slide gracefully past on the water.
The chef offers mainly grilled dishes each day starting from 3pm. We suggest trying the fish as it goes so well with the aquatic atmosphere. Another dish we enjoyed was the grilled Camembert cheese, which went perfectly with the house wine. The most reliable way to get to Port Scenes is by taxi as the restaurant is located quite a way from any public transport. Or try this alternative – hop into one of the wooden boats
floating by the city canal (stops are near the National Opera or the Stockmann shopping complex) and ask the driver to navigate you to Ostas skati.

linda 23.08.2009 11:48

unbeliavable place
love it


Alan 31.08.2009 17:09

Who on earth wrote this? What fish? What grilled dishes? But then they may not be the highlight!


Martin 27.10.2009 22:46

I have the good fortune to have an office nearby and so can eat here several times a month. There is fish - but only when it
is good enough and if it is not good enough it doesn't get bought. The smoker on the terrace is where the meat and much of
the fish is cooked / smoked. Again, if conditions are not right for perfection then it won't be fired up.
The menu is always short as it represents what is best at the time. If you want a long pretentious menu of 'international
cuisine' don't both


Alex 15.07.2010 09:19

Very nice place, perfect food, and wine as well. you can rest and enjoy there, just like staying with friends..


crork 04.11.2012 07:55

66e4or I value the post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.


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