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Caramel Rouge

By Inese Timuka . 06.05.2010

Save to foursquare Valnu 26 , Riga Mobile: 371 29446000
Working hours: Mon-Sat 10.00 - late, Sun 11.00 - late,



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The name Caramel Rouge conjures up visions of France, a hideaway cafe off a quaint street in old “Gay Paree”, perhaps.

Recently relocated and metamorphosed from Riga's Art Nouveau area into an Old Town café-restaurant-bar, it brings along a fresh and airy interior replete with sassy lounge music.
The interior occupies two floors and is refreshingly modern, but has quirky details such as the hand-painted cherry blossoms along the walls and apple-tree blossoms in the lighting. A few poster-sized collages of old movies starring Cary Grant and various starlets from the period give the place a classic feel.
The location itself is super, right next to the Gallerija Centrs shopping mall and not far from many other restaurants and nightclubs.
If your hunger is leading you there, you won't be disappointed. The menu is enormous with plenty of options, all of them sizeable portions. We tried some traditional Latvian herring with cottage cheese and potatoes, and after finishing that we had no room for dessert. :(
Another note on the menu is for the early birds who like a little push to their mornings, with a breakfast menu that starts from 10.00 and goes on until noon. We'd love to go back there as soon as the ventilation is fixed and the smell of the kitchen fumes doesn't distract us from the marvelous food. Go and have “un temps magnifique”!

GERD 07.06.2010 12:27

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Pleas send me i good Information


5hMzbN1QZ 26.10.2015 08:01

hello! i like creme brulee very much :)and i made it berfoe but it wasnt very successful becoz it was not as creamy as those
i ate in cafe or in paris. it was more like a that because i use milk instead of cream, or is there other
reason?thank you :)(you can reply me in chinese haha :D )



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