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Jewelry & Watches
By Andra Kunstberga. 18.12.2010


Save to foursquare Vaļņu 10, Riga Phone: 6721 3017
Working hours: Mon-Fri 10 - 19, Sat 10 - 17,

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Gold, silk, unique artistic jewelry... there’s nothing more satisfying than surprising somebody special with the perfect luxurious gift, at any time of the year.

The imaginative Austrian jeweler of high-end elegant enamel, FREYWILLE, takes inspiration for its collection from a wide range of images and symbols from art and nature, interpreting them into enamel and gold designs.

Full of dazzling color contrasts, FREYWILLE’s design concept in creating artistic jewelry out of precious enamel has never been copied to any degree of success. That makes it unique in the eclectic world of fashion. White or yellow gold powder is embedded in the enamel in a tightly guarded secret formula.

The petite yet kaleidoscopic FREYWILLE shop in Old Riga displays a selection of the bestselling collections, including series inspired by motifs in paintings by artists such as Monet and Mucha. But no other artist is more linked to Art Nouveau – and to FREYWILLE – than the Viennese artist Gustav Klimt. Call into the shop to experience the latest eye-catching collections.

To create a new collection is painstaking work, taking between two and five years. Usually an initial idea is followed by detailed research in literature and visits to museums and exhibitions. This amazing jewelry is clearly for women who enjoy colors, art and culture, who are excited to discover their individuality and have visions for the future.

The signature collection, Magic Sphinx, plays with FREYWILLE’s logo, the winged Greek Sphinx, which symbolizes pure creativity. And there are stunning pendants, such as Luna Piena and Messager d’Amour, where you can hide little romantic messages, making them special in design, shape and use.

There are accessories too. Stay cozy with a pure silk scarf, sleek and soft against the skin, or a new pashmina, which can be worn as a scarf tied around the neck or delicately draped off your shoulders to showcase your jewelry.

For gentlemen, there are silk ties, cufflinks, leather belts with elegant buckles, and some beautifully crafted fountain and roller pens in a flurry of artistic designs. The perfectly formed cufflinks, for example, hark after glorious evenings spent at the Vienna Opera.


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