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Spicy Affair

By Andra Kunstberga. 28.02.2013

Spicy Affair

Save to foursquare Antonijas 12, Riga Phone: 2669 1197
Working hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 - 23.00,



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A blend of exotic culinary cultures, Spicy Affair takes you on a journey through India, Thailand, China, and other Asian cuisines – if your stomach can absorb all of them in one evening.

The restaurant’s eastern chefs seduce with original aromas, while the subtle décor places Buddhas and Shivas next to white tablecloths and spotless wine glasses.

It’s an impressive menu to be sure. If anything, there’s too much to choose from, so it’s best to arrive armed with an idea of what you want. There’s a small waitress-to-client ratio, but when one arrives at your table she does her best with advice in a friendly way.

Start with satay chicken, skewers of flesh marinated and grilled Malaysian-style in a peanut sauce. Or go for spicy chili paneer, a cheese-based dish from South Asia. Or a bowl of rich tom kha soup, thick with coconut milk and blanched chicken pieces, flavored with coriander, lemongrass and lime leaves. Or the safe option – Thai-style spring rolls.

Mains very from a straightforward, creamy vegetable korma to a far spicier chicken vindaloo, to Chinese-style honey chicken, to Singapore or Thai noodle dishes. Singaporean noodles are slightly fatter. Some noodle dishes are a little dry on their own and need a saucier dish to perk them up. Portions are Asian-sized rather than American. 

A fairly extensive wine list, popular cocktails and fresh juices dominate the drinks. Leffe and the Latvian brew Užavas are on draft.

There’s a choice of rooms, with darker, more secluded rooms at the back more suited to reclining with your loved one. Explore each before you sit. Then enjoy a spicy evening.

UHwhkPmBYmzF 14.06.2013 00:22

I was never a wing person. When I strtaed dating Nor and he still ate meat, we would joke about how there was really no
polite way to eat chicken wings. Regardless of how appropriate you’re trying to be, at the end of the day you’re still
sucking meat off a bone with sauce all over your face and fingers. There is truly no polite way to do it. Nor was the most
gracious wing-eater I’d seen, and to this day he is the only person I’ve ever seen eat a tray of buffalo wings and not be
completely smear



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