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Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa

By Andra Kunstberga. 06.04.2014

Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa

Save to foursquare Kaleju 33, Riga Phone: 6713 0670
Fax: 6713 0672

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Newly unveiled in 2013, Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa already has a reputation as a spacious hotel with a premier Old Town location, friendly staff, a modest but reasonably priced spa, and a fast response if guests have any qualms.

It also tastefully incorporates unique features such as part of the old city wall (pictured). Let’s hope the ambitious owners, who run several new properties in Riga, keep it up.

gWe4t0cV 26.10.2015 07:15

Faktycznie wnętrze trochę nieżyciowe, ale z takiej patrey chociaż dzieci cukierkf3w nie podpierają ... bo kto tam
sięgnie ;-)Ale za to żyrandole piękne! No i tak piwniczka na wino ;-P


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