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Beef eater’s

By RigaNOW!. 29.01.2016

beef eaters

Save to foursquare Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 75, Riga, Riga Mobile: 24 117 511
Working hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 - 23:00,

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All people are different, as are their tastes. It refers also to eating habits. Some people cannot imagine their meals without meat, whereas others consider that people should eat only vegetarian dishes; moreover, there are people who choose their meals even more ascetically. Overall, so frequently we hear the statement ‘We eat to live, not live to eat!’ Paradoxically, but each of us could be right in our own way, since we all are different. That is amazing because living in the world where all people are thinking and living the same way would be extremely boring!

But if we are talking about eating habits, how to decide whether to eat meat or not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating meat or being vegetarian? Is it true that it is possible to lose weight and become healthier by not eating meat? You will probably agree that everyone who has at some point considered the possibility to become vegetarian has asked himself this and many other questions.

Iron is the main element that we receive by eating meat. But, theoretically, vegetarians also can take in sufficient amount of iron, for example, by eating dried dates, sesame seeds, millet and other vegetable produce which contain iron. However, it is proved that our organism absorb iron the best from meat produce (meat and its sub-products). Additionally, Latvia is located within specific latitude, and the climate is such as it is. We should be honest – we all need to warm up in winter. An appropriate meal really can do it – a warm meat dish is exactly what is needed in winter.

However, we do not need to dispute passionately about what is right – being vegetarian or eating meat. There is no point to argue, since it is a matter of taste. Do as you like and listen to your organism. But we would like to inform meat eaters that since the beginning of the year in the building located on one of the main streets of Riga – Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street – is operating the restaurant “Beef eater’s”, which positions itself as the real place for ‘true meat lovers’, this can also be understood from the name of the restaurant! Inese Nešpore and Aleksandrs Mosinjans are the restaurant’s owners who were thinking about this idea for a long time. Both owners have considerable experience in restaurant business of Riga and Jurmala where in multiple restaurants Inese has worked as a waitress, but Aleksandrs has worked in the kitchen. The work is divided similarly in their own restaurant, however, Inese emphasizes that the team of the restaurant is small, and the team members are more like soul mates or even family, therefore, the work is not strictly divided.

This fact makes the atmosphere of this place more intimate, which is brightened by unobtrusive, yet tasteful interior – neatly served tables /36 seats/, quiet background music, a few pictures on the walls referring to cowboys (the theme of cattle breeders and steaks). Yes, steaks are the trade mark of the restaurant because the both owners have worked for a long time in other restaurants which specialize on beef dishes. To say it shortly, Inese and Aleksandrs are very knowledgeable in this gastronomic field, therefore, the quality is guaranteed. There are three meat types for your stomach – filet mignon, striploin steak and rib-eye steak. You can choose the size of the dish (200 or 300 g), as well as the level of doneness of the steak. There are six levels of doneness, from blue to well done. But more exquisite solutions are possible! We had the opportunity to taste the rib-eye steak in medium well doneness. It was exactly as we thought it would be – the juicy steak did not disappoint. Red-wine sauce and roasted potatoes, chosen for side, perfectly supplemented our lunch. Steaks’ prices vary – depending on the size of ordered meat and type of steak – from eight to 15 euros. You can choose from various sauces – creamy pepper sauce, cowberry sauce, blue-cheese sauce, horseradish sauce and other. There is an additional price for sauces – 1.20 euro for a portion, as well as sides – differently cooked potatoes, couscous, rice – from two to three euros. Steaks, sauces and sides are served separately, which allows guests to create the most pleasant mix of tastes. Meat is purchased from Latvian farmers; however, some exclusive steaks are imported from Argentina and Australia.

That is all about the steak offers of the restaurant “Beef eater’s”. We, for example, also tasted classic Spanish oxtail soup with potatoes, French beans, shallots and tomatoes /6.90 euro/. Rich, balanced taste – not too savoury, not too tasteless. We recommend watching out for bones because the soup is cooked from real ox tail! Nevertheless, the meat is soft and easily divided from bones. Inese says that in the beginning they did not have the idea to put an emphasis on steaks, but it was influenced by the choice of visitors, many of whom have already become regular guests. But do not be mistaken – you will be offered many other dishes as well. For instance, homemade beef dumplings /4.90 euro/ and Greek stifado of rabbit – /8.50 euro/. During the day, it is possible to order a special two-dish lunch. There is also a wide assortment of snacks, and fish eaters are not forgotten as well. However, this restaurant will be a real heaven for meat eaters. BUT!! Vegetarians also are welcome here. Even though there is no special vegetarian menu, chefs always will know what to recommend and how to satisfy their gastronomic needs!

 Of course, it is assumed that meat should be eaten with wine. The choice is sufficiently wide; all popular wine producers’ countries are represented in the wine card, including the New World. There is one more cherry on top. Autumns and winters in Latvia are long and often cold. Therefore, it is delightful that the restaurant offers uncommonly wide choice of teas. This extra is not on every corner! By the way, the “Beef eater’s” is one of the few restaurants we have visited where butter which is served together with bread can be easily applied, since it is not served directly from the refrigerator! As a disadvantage we can name the location of the restaurant which is not easily found – the address is Kr.Valdemara Street 75, but the entrance is situated on the small nearby Zaubes Street. You also may have problems with finding a parking place – the streets in the district are narrow and relatively full with transport. Nevertheless, these disadvantages do not influence the taste of the restaurant’s “Beef eater’s” dishes, which is very important! Enjoy!

Roasted beef salad /beef tenderloin, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, cucumbers, red onions and mustard dressing/ 7.30 euro

Lamb testicles in cream sauce /served with toasted white bread, rocket salad and cherry tomatoes 9.40 euro

Apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream 4.60 euro


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