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By RigaNOW!. 05.02.2016

Save to foursquare Ģertrūdes st. 20, Riga Working hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 - 23:00, Sat 9:00 - 01:00, Sun 9:00 - 21:00,

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The history of prosciutto is dated back to Roman times. Romans were known for the preservation of meat cuts. They called it perexcuctus, which meant ham sun-dried for years. Written evidence about the trade of prosciutto in Tuscany and Parma can be found in century-old history. A story about prosciutto actually is a story about pigs which are fed with healthy food in order to gain a perfect ham. Each type has its own particular taste and flavour, which makes it unique. In Italian cuisine, prosciutto frequently is used as snacks, wrapping it around bread straws or, especially in summer, around melons. It can be eaten as a side to boiled spring vegetables, for example, asparagus or peas. Therefore, prosciutto is an excellent or even noble delicacy!

It is similar to the famous Parma cheese, since this product, nowadays, is produced using the same recipe as eight centuries ago. It is interesting that this “aristocrat” is mentioned in the “Decameron”, a book of fun-loving Boccaccio. Even though the Parma cheese is very creamy, moist and similar to fatty cheeses, it contains the lowest percentage of fat. This feature and its unique composition – calcium, vitamins and proteins – make this cheese one of the healthiest product, suitable for a person of any age.

This historical preface on two excellent delicacies of Italian cuisine was needed, since places which specialize on Mediterranean cuisine and its delicacies are being increasingly opened in Riga. Imagine, 20 years ago there were not any Italian cafes, pubs or restaurants. Nowadays, the amount is very high, and recently it was supplemented by one more “Italian” place. Located in the very centre of Riga, on Ģertrūdes Street 20, salumeria & wine bar “Attica” was opened a month ago. Do not be confused about the fact that a word “Attica” is historically connected with Greece. A word “salumeria”, meaning “a booth”, directly indicates the restaurant’s close connection with Italy. The assortment of delicacies offered to visitors is one more aspect that clearly directs to Italy. It can be enjoyed on the spot or as takeaway. Various Italian sausages, prosciutto, cheeses, olives, jams and, of course, pasta. A true Italian nook. Moreover, Dmitrijs Bočarovs, the owner of the restaurant, is in love with this country. He has lived there for some time, and his main business is connected with Italy. Elita, the manager of “Attica”, says that the new restaurant’s creation is justified by the wish of Dmitrijs to “transfer” the unique tastes of Italian cuisine to Riga.

Therefore, almost all products, except meat and seasonal vegetables are specially imported to the restaurant from Italy. The accent is made on seafood, which lately is so popular among inhabitants of Riga. The interior of “Attica” is modestly elegant, a Nordic minimalism prevails. A bar is located near the entrance, as well as a cold show-case, where hasty visitors can purchase Italian delicacies as takeaway. Shelves with exclusive pasta are situated along the farther wall; the third part of the wall is occupied by a modern wine shelf with excellent Italian wines. The hall is suitable for approximately 40 people. And even though the restaurant was opened quite recently, the amount of visitors is great, for the place is really advantageous and interest is high. During a day a special lunch offer is in demand – the neighbourhood is full with busy offices and other establishments. We tried a beef stew with carrots served with a vegetable salad. The serving was sufficiently big, appropriate for satisfying hunger. The taste was very good; it was enhanced by miniature stewed corncobs. A delicacy plate of Italian olives also is among snacks. It will cost 12 euro for two people. You can also order a cheese plate with Italian jam for 15 euro – an ideal snack for wine! From exotic dishes we suggest to choose Adriatic salad with octopus for 15 euro, or Senegalese fish soup with octopus /8 euro/. The assortment of main courses is also wide enough. For instance, you can try duck breast with pears caramelized in red bilberries /16 euro/, or pasta Trenette with seafood /12 euro/. For dessert – Panna Cotta with strawberry sauce /3 euro/. Why not?

The restaurant’s manager says that the menu is constantly improved; “Attica” is still searching for its particular signature of cuisine. A special chef from Italy will be working here in December. He will establish the future menu guidelines of this new place. But already this is definitely a place to visit. You have nothing to lose! Remember – “Attica” specializes on Italian delicacies and wines. If this combination is to your liking, you will certainly be fond of this place!


Tuna Carpaccio with Mozzarellla di Bufala 15 euro

Rustica salad with chicken 8 euro

Risotto with seafood and octopus 11 euro

Cake “Mamma Mascarpone” 3.5 euro

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