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By . 23.08.2016

Save to foursquare Terbatas 73, Riga Phone: 67737373
Working hours: Mon-Sun 00:00 - 24:00,

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Needless to say, personality plays an important role in almost all spheres of life. After all, there have been thousands of cases confirming that not events create humans, but a man shapes the world. In our case these are Latvian restaurants and people responsible for their viability. For example, Victor Ravdive who together with some other energetic fellows set up a restaurant business group “Restau-Rateur” having outstanding success in Riga and Jurmala. The group includes restaurants “International” in Riga and Jurmala, “Melnā Bite”, “Wooden Villa” apartments, a bakery “BakeBerry” and a restaurant-club “SEZONA”.A few months ago this group has proved its good reputation by adding to the above mentioned projects another one – already the seventh – “Gastrobārs T73”. It is situated not in the centre of Riga, but a bit further, next to the Vidzeme market, or, as Riga citizens say, next to the Matisa market at Terbatas Street 73 (that is why the name includes strange symbols T73). Well, in fact it is not too far from the city centre, as, let us say, the Freedom Monument is in some 10–15 minutes of walk. “T73” has settled in the well-known “Royal Casino Spa & Hotel resort”, so you will have no problems finding it!

The “Gastrobārs T73” Director Ilze Silova says that this project is based on the creation of a new, unique, and modern concept offering guests to enjoy more than 20 types of breakfast 24/7. Yes, at any time throughout the whole week! Breakfast is served 24 hours a day! As Ilze emphasises, “T73” offers the widest variety of breakfasts in Riga. But! The menu has not the slightest resemblance to the one offered in the hotels, where you choose a meal from a buffet. Basically, “T73” is a full-value restaurant where waiters offer their clients à la carte meals. The menu is not limited to breakfast and includes hearty dishes for lunch and dinner.

Guests are served well-known meals considered as classical values, but chefs’ creativity, the desire to experiment and to change the world gives fine nuances to the original taste, known both to local gourmets and foreign guests. And yet, as Ilze says, the main focus is put on breakfast, including some favourite meals from different countries. In other words, in “T73” you can order scrambled eggs or oatmeal even at 3 a.m., compared to other restaurants where breakfast is served only in the mornings! Of course, the variety of dishes is really vast. For example, you can “travel” to France and enjoy a croissant with vanilla custard and strawberries /3.50 euro/ or feel like in Brussels by ordering Belgian waffles with coffee condensed milk, pecans, and homemade vanilla ice-cream /4.60 euro/. You can also try Spanish tortilla with eggs, potatoes, stewed vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes, chorizo, spicy green salad /6.80 euro/ or choose an Israeli breakfast – shakshuka with eggs poached in a spicy seasoned tomato sauce with hot peppers and onions /5.80 euro/. Put it in short, there is a vast diversity of tasty meals. 

Those who prefer a square dinner will also find a lot to enjoy. The gastrobar offers a variety of soups including solyanka and Tom Yum /6–8 euro/. A lot of salads including the classical Caesar /7–13 euro/. The fish cost about 12 – 20 euros. As to meat dishes, the most popular are different burgers /8–13 euro/, steaks /20–25 euro/, pork ribs, chicken wings. There is everything one can wish! Of course, there are also desserts, such as Tiramisu and Banana Flambé. Ilze promises that the team of chefs under the guidance of Igors Zharenovs will offer you the fireworks of tastes!

In the restaurant’s bar, there is a rich world of spirits. The wine list includes different cultures, colours, and moods. Here you can select wines not by the region but according to your mood and preferences. On Fridays and Saturdays there is live music, DJs and the parties going on until the first breakfast to inspire a new wonderful day! The design of the restaurant – a spacious and light-full hall, accompanied by many light fixtures – is a great addition to the atmosphere. The orange-brown brick dominates, but there are also some accents of the wood pallets. The design as a whole is a bit industrial, but cosy thanks to the orange-brown chairs and tables. 

Staying here is really nice! In addition, you can easily park by the Gastrobars. The ambitious hosts say that the gastrobar “T73” is a total foodgasm! Bold statement... Well, feel free to come and check!


Egg Benedict on Swiss Potato Rösti with Spinach and Hollandaise Sauce (with Parma Han or Salmon Marinated in Beet Juice) 7.20 euro

Coconut-milk Tom Yum with Tiger Prawns, Scallop and Shiitake Mushrooms 8.20 euro

“The Beast” Beef Patty, Bacon, Potato Rösti, Mushroom Salsa, Pickled Onions, Melted Cheese 12.50 euro


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