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Skyline Bar

By Amy Bryzgel. 29.09.2008

Skyline Bar

Elizabetes 55, Riga
Phone: 371 67772282
Wokring hours: Mon-Fri 15:00 - 2:00,Sat-Sun 15:00 - 3:00,



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  For years it was the only cocktail bar in the clouds. Now others have moved in on its altitudes, but it still remains everyone’s favourite bar in the sky. Skyline Bar is the Reval Hotel Latvija’s 26th floor bar and lounge and it is, by far, one of the hottest places to be in Riga on a Saturday night!


Back in the days when the now chic Reval Hotel was still the Intourist Soviet hotel, there was already a bar here, but instead of windows, there were concrete walls! It was surely a security risk, as some budding spy – or professional – could use this as a surveillance crow's nest.

 Skyline bar has what no other bar in the city centre can offer – the best view from the highest vantage point. After that, everything else is a bonus. The bar went through a major overhaul last year and the interior is completely new. Stylish and comfortable swivel chairs populate the perimeter of the venue, while plush, fluffy couches fill up the center section. The floor-length windows ensure that no matter where you sit, you’ve got the best view. That includes not only the smoking area but also the bathrooms! Tucked away in one corner is a room just for smokers; in the other lies the WC – with such a stellar view these are by far the best facilities in the city!

The cocktails here are always lovely, always elegantly prepared and decently priced! Most range from around 4.5 – 8 euros. Take a journey back in time and order the “KGB,” which, despite its eerie name, is a sinfully sweet combination of gin, cherry brandy, peach syrup and grenadine. They also offer a wide range of standard cocktails, including the local ones, all of which are made with Rigas Black Balsams of course. The “Wrong Island Iced Tea” – made with Balsams and Red Bull – sounds intriguing. It will cure your cold and keep you going all night long!


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