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Emporio Armani

SHOPPING » Clothing
By RigaNow!. 06.09.2008

Save to foursquare Elizabetes 51, Riga Phone: +371 67240023
Working hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00, Sun : - closed,



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Women & men’s lines of clothing, accessories & shoes.


Although the windows are bare and the whine of power drills fills the air, the little shop just next to the Reval Hotel on Elizabetes has everyone buzzing. As sure as there’s track lighting and chic grey walls, it’s an Emporio Armani – the first in the Baltics. Due to open – soon, we hope!

  Emporio Armani, the more accessible, yet still costly line of the famous Italian designer has been known for years as The Suit shop. Elegant and severe, androgynous even, dressing yourself in Armani is the equivalent to draping yourself in power. It’s what a devastatingly beautiful actress will wear when she wants to be taken seriously.

 Although this is the statement Armani has been delivering for more than ten years, the runway reports from Milan this year say that the 2004 autumn line for women signals a slight departure from severity. Emporio Armani now accents his signature black, white and grey with splashes of red and a few pastels. Adopting a more flirty, feminine look without veering into cute, the fall line brings in shorter lengths for the skirts and an overall younger, softer tone, but still in keeping with the classic Armani look of dark, clean timelessness.

anuriti 19.04.2012 18:40

Be carefull, you will by clothes in this shop with 2 times less quality and at the end nobody will make high quality services
for you, which high fasion shops normaly do, to protect they good quality reputation. If you want to have some Armani piece
in your wardrobe, i recommend to choose some other shop in Europe.


lPGjyaBWoljrkQqKq 16.06.2013 12:48

You've got it in one. Couldn't have put it bteetr.


Kollo 11.05.2014 17:39

u have got nice suits



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