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Human Resources

Song and Dance Festival

Latvian population continues steep decline1

Latest census maps Latvia’s continuing population decline – by more than 20% in some areas

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Jobless down; wages up1

Latvia saves as less families claim benefits and a crackdown on sickness benefits ensues.

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without work

Human resources: unemployment to stabilize at 12%

Recent falls in Latvia’s jobless rate are unlikely to continue, at least until spring 2012

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Latvia still burdened by high unemployment1

The national average is unchanged at 14.3%, but it’s a country of extremes, from 10% in Riga to 23% in Rezekne.

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Changes in retail trade

Wages up, retail down

Even though there are signs that people in Latvia are starting to earn more again, retail sales are still flat.

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Hard at work

Rapid changes in Latvian employment “unlikely”

State Employment Agency official airs opinion on Latvia’s employment situation

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Latvia still has highest unemployment in EU

The average seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate in Latvia last December was 22.8 percent, as Latvia registered the highest unemployment rate in the European Union.

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Nearly half of Baltic enterprises plan to hire new employees next six months1

Nearly a half of enterprises in the Baltic States plan to hire new employees in the coming six months, according to a survey of employers conducted by "CV-Online Latvia" personnel management company in November.

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Guaranteed minimum income to be increased

Guaranteed minimum income benefit in Latvia will be increased from LVL 37 (EUR 52.6) to LVL 40 (EUR 57) for adults and to LVL 45 (EUR 64) for children,starting from October 2009.

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Economy Ministry of Latvia: labor market growth to resume in 2013

The labor market will shrink significantly in 2009 and in 2010, the situation could stabilize in 2012 and market growth could resume in 2013.

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NATO map

NATO strategic communications center accredited in Riga

NATO accredits “center of excellence” in Rigaread more »

Iskander missiles

Baltics react to reports of missiles in Kaliningrad

Russia confirms deployment of Iskander missiles that could reach Latviaread more »

PM Dombrovskis

PM resigns; president begins talks on new government

PM resigns; president begins talks on new governmentread more »


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