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Riga Trips

Riga TV Tower

To the tower!

A walk to experience Riga’s imposing TV tower is one of the city’s most intriguing excursions.

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Design: Ars Tela

On a hunt for the best in Latvian design21

Where to buy the best in Latvian design? Here’s a list of stores selling innovative products Made In Latvia.

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Ralph Fiennes

What Ralph Fiennes thinks about Riga

Actor Ralph Fiennes pleasantly surprised by Riga

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Corner House

Riga opens doors of infamous KGB prison

Occupation Museum prepares tours of infamous cells

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Bar.Ber Room

Night Walks1

A “cocktail crawl” may not seem like a smart move, especially midweek. But our writer relished the idea.

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The Garden

A journey through The Garden

After indulging in a watery relaxation zone at the Baltic Beach Hotel called The Garden, you’ll emerge feeling like a new human.

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Bottles and bottles

Riga Wine Tour2

Come on a tour that escorts you to four or five spots ideal for indulging in the pleasures of the vine.

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Riga lights up

Riga takes on a festive mood2

The best place in the Baltics to be merry!

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Choose Bestriga walking tour to suit you.

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Līgo Jāni, Līgo Līga, Līgo Kristap, Līgo Laima...10

If you experienced the Baltic winter and have lived to tell about it, the good news is that you’ll be rewarded for your endurance with the most important Latvian holiday Jāņi.

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House of History: the Riga Ghetto Museum 6

If we don't know the history, we cannot make the future!

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The light festival invites catch the light!

The light festival Staro Riga offers the residents and the visitors of Riga to see the city having changed with the help of light.

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Look out for hidden templar treasure!36

  Just a quick glance around Riga’s impressive architecture and you'll notice plenty of secret signs related to the Knight Templars. These mostly Gothic masterpieces make excellent markers for our tour, giving a feel for the city’s Templar heritage.

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Templar Treasures Hidden in Riga 14

The real location of the Arc of the Covenant and the Holy Grail is a mystery that is thousands of years old. The hidden riches of the Knights Templar continue to excite the world’s treasure seekers.

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Templar treasures 4

  The Knights Templar, legendary soldier monks and warriors of god of the Middle Ages, called themselves the poor knights of Christ. But they became one of the richest organizations in Europe. Yet they quickly vanished from history as quickly as they arrived, leaving behind a beguiling mystery.

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Market tour: Central Market Fever

There is a particular vitality to Riga’s central market that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Riga’s burial sites: Heart of Stone1

  While a visit to a cemetery may seem like a strange way to kill time, Riga’s burial sites are cultural monuments that deserve a look. And their natural landscapes are great places to find some peace of mind amidst the hectic rush of city life.

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Guided Tour or Swedish Heritage

Once Riga was the biggest and most developed city in the Swedish kingdom, which, of course, has left its influence on Rigan architecture.  

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Jewish Riga Tour2

Jewish Riga tour is tailored to give a wide historic insight of the Jewish community live in Riga.

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Riga Shopping Tour1

Riga is the heaven for shopaholics. From the budget-price second-hand shops to the well-priced Danija, New Yorker, Esprit, Zara till the luxurious brands as Versace, Max Mara, Escada and many more... Choose a shopping paths according your interest!

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Riga Old Town Walking Tour

According to the legend, the day Riga will finish building their city, it will fall into the Daugava river! Far from being finished, the city is thriving , life is feverish and you can be part of it!

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Riga romance!

Having heard about the future vision that it could soon become a new symbol of Riga, we took the journey. We jumped in the boat at the stop next to the Stockmann (for shopoholics, this is the biggest department store in town with great shopping opportunities and dining too).

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The Jugendstil Art of the City3

A gallery of urban flavour and artistic fantasy, Riga’s Jugendstil heritage is one of the architectural treasures of modern Europe.

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Four churches in Riga

  If you get tired of this material world, you can visit these selected churches of Riga, each spectacular in terms of architecture, history, feeling and good location in the Riga city center. Just enjoy the silence and don’t forget to donate some santims!

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  Seven kilometers north-west of Riga’s center, you’ll find the affluent garden suburb of Mežaparks.

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Follow the Red Brick Road

Riga certainly boasts more than its fair share of impressive architecture. One notable feature is a selection of impressive red-brick buildings scattered around Old Town. These mostly medieval masterpieces make excellent markers for our tour, giving a feel of the city’s Hanseatic heritage.

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Feel Like Royalty 1

Free for lazy afternoons with friends Tired of walking around Old Town? Want to enjoy a different type of sightseeing – the kind before cars were invented? Catch a horse.

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What's New

New Season on Riga’s Tourism Market

After the long winter the flow of incoming tourists will return in adequate numbers,read more »

More serious airport security measures for flights to the USA

Security measures at Riga International Airport have been intensified for flights to the more »

Cold weather to hit Latvia next week

Temperatures in Latvia will drop well below zero degrees Celsius next more »

Riga Christmas fairs

Two holiday fairs have opened in Old Town Riga - one on Livu Square, the other on Dome more »

Passenger volumes at airport Riga increasing

October 2009, the airport serviced 375,391 passengers in total, which is 11.9 more than in October more »

Weather is getting cooler next week

The weather in Latvia will be cool and dry in the first half of this more »

New brand created for promoting Riga – Live Riga

  In establishing the Riga Tourism Development Bureau (RTAB), a new Riga city brand LIVE RIGA has been created to promote Riga overseas as a Nordic more »


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