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The Airport (RIX)

Millions are being invested into Riga International Airport, which has seen a huge upturn in passenger numbers following EU membership. The
modern lidosta (airport) is only 10 kilometres southwest of the city centre.
The arrival area is downstairs and the upper floor is for departures. You’ll find currency exchange, cash machines, a post office, newsagents, car rental booths, a tourist-info desk, toilets, a bar, café and other conveniences in this compact airport. The baggage room costs Ls 1 per item for 12 hours. Taxis operate from outside the terminal, adjacent to the short-term parking area. Getting to (or from) the city centre is quite simple. Buses #22 and #22A run about every half hour between the airport and the city centre (13. janvāra iela) and only cost Ls 0.40. Bus tickets are available directly from the bus driver. A taxi ride should only cost about Ls 7-10 to the city centre. Make sure the driver turns the meter on or negotiate a fare in advance.

The Train Station

Centrālā stacija (the central train station) is in the very heart of the city, a few minutes walk from Old Riga. The station was also recently renovated and is part of a shopping centre, which has currency exchanges, cash machines, shops and quite good eateries. The station has an information
office, pay toilets (Ls 0.10), and a baggage room with lockers (Ls 0.50-1 per day) open 04:30-24:00. International trains arrive at platform two. If you’re travelling light, just walk to the city centre via the nearby underpasses. Exit the station, turn left, enter the tunnels and follow the signs to 13. janvāra iela. There are taxis out the front on 13. janvāra iela. A taxi ride to anywhere in the city centre shouldn’t cost more than Ls 2-4. When travelling by train, tickets for immediate departures are sold in the main ticket hall on the right side of the main entrance, counters #1-13. International, counters #1-6. Don’t confuse the perons (platform) numbers with the ceļš (track) numbers. It’s best to check whether the train stops at your destination, when you buy your ticket.

The Bus Station

Autoosta (the central bus station) is just a few hundred metres southwest of the train station on Prāgas iela; it’s also in the middle of Riga and easily accessible. The bus station is not as modern as the railway station and attracts a few suspect people, so watch your wallet. It has cash machines, a baggage room, tourist information, some shops and toilets. The Eurolines and Ecolines offices are inside the main building. An underpass across the road takes you to Old Riga; follow the signs to Vecrīga-Valņu iela. Tram 7 also takes you into the city centre, just one or two stops away.
You can also grab a taxi, but make sure you choose a reputable firm. The bus station is open 05:00-24:00.

The Passenger Port

Prāmju osta is located less than one kilometre north of Old Riga. There are some services and you can exchange money here. It is open 09:00-18:00. Trams 7, 5 and 9 from the Ausekļa iela stop at the edge of Old Riga. (1 or 2 stops)

By Car

Entering the country by car has become much easier since EU membership, and with Schengen membership you shouldn’t expect any searches at the land borders with Estonia and Lithuania.


Consult your local Latvian embassy or see visa explanations at the government web site, lv/e/. Visas are usually valid for 30 days, with a 90-day extension possible. Otherwise, you need a residency permit; see the above web site for details about getting one. There are no restrictions on the amount of
hard currency you can bring in or take out.


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