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Paddy Whelan

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By I. 18.08.2008

Grēcinieku 4, Riga Phone: 371 67210150
Working hours: Mon-Thu 11.00 - 01.00
Fri-Sat 10.00 - 03.00
Sun : - closed

If you love your food hot and spicy, Latvia is not the place most fans of this food would visit. However, the new menu at Paddy Whelan's will please the more adventurous palate.

The pub itself is nothing glamourous, and at times can be quite rowdy - especially when big sports events are on. But it's large with friendly professional service, so you can sneak away to a quieter corner upstairs or in the large smoking area. And, being the oldest and most popular expat hangout of this kind in Riga, with a decent range of beers on tap and live music, it's a great place for a noisy night out.

And to go with your beer and fun, Paddy's has an exciting new menu with a touch of Indian spice which, dare we say has become the U.K.'s national cuisine? Curry and beer is a great combination, so I tried.The spices were delicious, and the pub's new chef was not shy with putting out the hot stuff! The meal was also a filling and hearty one, which makes it ideal for winter. However, I found the quality of the meat quite low for the price, which left me a disappointed. My Naan bread accompaniment, however, was delicious.