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Steiku Haoss (Steak Chaos)

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By RigaNow!. 12.09.2008

Meistaru 25 , Riga Phone: 371 67222419
Working hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 - 1:00

COUSINE: Steakhouses

Some of the best (and priciest) steaks in town! This successful local chain restaurant has a truly western interior with horse saddles for bar stools. If you order the XXL steak, please share it with a friend!

Restaurant is designed in a western style letting the customers enjoy an unforgettable trip through the Wild West – enjoy steaks prepared right in front of you, a glass of mellow wine or a refreshing cocktail, as well as an appetizing desert. When the horse is hitched up and you have enjoyed a good meal, it’s time to stretch your legs to the rhythm of a line dance together with our waitresses and the best Latvian country music groups.