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Fabrikas Restorāns (Factory Restaurant)

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By RigaNow!. 12.09.2008

Balasta dambis 70 Phone: +371 67873804
Working hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 - 0:00

Fabrikas Resto­rāns is located across the river Daugava, in the Kīpsala neighborhood. The unique restored brick and wooden building here give the area a laid-back charm. Not to mention the sweeping view of the river, where you can linger and watch the boats and the hustle and bustle of the city life across the water. The menu is quite diverse and at lunch it can get packed. If a restaurant on the other side of the river is doing so well, they are doing something right.   For a city located on a river, it’s surprising that this is the only place which offers alfresco dining right on the water.

But what a place! Fabrikas, run by the same group who manages the highly-recommended Melnie Mūki restaurant, is especially perfect for a sunny lunch or balmy dinner with a nautical bent. The terrace is located on a floating pontoon, providing a peaceful perch where you can listen to the sounds of the lapping water and seagulls while watching boats slip past on the water. This restaurant offers an interesting alternative view of the city from the other side of the river, so you can admire the whole breadth of the Old Town.

The menu comprises of an adventurous mix of European cuisine with some Asian influence, created by the creative chef Sandra Birģele. We were told that the grilled dishes, especially the fish, are a definite hit as they go so well with the aquatic atmosphere. So we opted for the turbot fillet with toasts, spinach and almonds; a delectably juicy and fresh choice, providing a superb mix of various flavors of sweet honey glaze, sour lemon and salty capers on a creamy spinach bed. The fashionable and fresh New Zealand white wine Villa Maria goes very well with this one!

While the service can be a touch slow here, it is very professional. But if you can’t linger, the staff even provide those yachting past with baskets of fruit and wine – now that’s a take-away service with style!