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Wok & Roll

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By . 20.08.2008

Šķūņu iela 16/1 Mobile: +371 2630 090
Working hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 - 03.00

This fresh little joint with six tiny tables and a huge fish tank is both cheap and cheerful. Hot food on-the-go is certainly not a popular or developed concept here, so Wok & Roll is a welcome development. Wok & Roll is a take-away in the Old Town, making local food even faster.

Thai stir fry or Mexican tortilla ingredients are on display so that you can put together whatever you prefer, or let the cook choose a good combination for you. The Thai selection includes chicken, pork, lamb, duck or prawns to mix with the vegetables, noodles and/or rice (€5-7). Combine this with any of eight different sauces and don't be shy to ask for extra chili if you like it hot. As for the Mexican side, choose a flavored tortilla and have it packed with your favorite meat, toppings and sauces before it's toasted in a hot press (€2.80).

There's also some Thai or Mexican soups and snacks like corn chips with chili con carne, but we went for the really tasty chicken spring rolls that are made on the premises (€3.60). The Tom Yum Goong soup with chicken, prawns and lemon grass is also an authentic highlight (€2.60).

For a main course, we tried a Thai buckwheat noodle stir fry with vegetables and duck breast in soy and ginger sauce. It's a real pity that apart from the prawns, all the meat is pre-cooked, making it too tough and chewy by the time it enters your mouth. Another drawback is the shadow of the local persistence in messing up on authenticity - has anyone out there ever heard of a salmon tortilla? On the other hand, give it to these locals for their creativity, not bound by centuries of tradition. The meal ended sweetly with a delicious fresh fruit salad topped with frothy coconut (€2.20).

Everything is served in environmentally-friendly containers, whether you eat in or take out, adding to the fast feel of the place. With a few minor adjustments, Wok & Roll would perfectly fill the demand for fast cheap eats amidst the skyrocketing prices of the Old Town.