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K.I.D. #3

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By Inese Timuka. 27.06.2009

Grēcinieku 8 , Riga Phone: 3712669 9966
Working hours: Mon-Wed 09.00 - 24.00
Thu-Fri 09.00 - late
Sat 10.00 - late
Sun 10.00 - 24.00

COUSINE: International

  Step in for a breezy lunch! While some restaurants are closing their doors for good due to lack of custom, others are managing to survive these challenging days and even taking advantage of cheaper costs open a second or third venue.


Once you enter this cheery new restaurant, you'll spot an open and generously endowed salad bar, the interior's main feature. There are plenty of options to choose from, starting with fresh lettuce leaves to different kinds of salad mixes, so feel free to construct your very own green fantasy for €5.

For those who are not feeling quite so creative, there's a promising menu that offers a variety of options starting with a hearty breakfast in the mornings through to an intriguing choice of appetizers and desserts.

The décor, which preserves the original features of the building, is minimalist and fashionably light with touches of white and purple and a dash of black. The size of the venue is more than ample, starting from a lounge area with comfy sofas down in the basement and homey seating on the second floor to more elegant surroundings set around the salad bar.

K.I.D. offers decent cooking, a light and breezy atmosphere and prices that are comfortingly apt for the times.