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Cream Cafe

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By RigaNOW. 06.05.2010

Dzirnavu 55 , Riga Phone: 371 6728 4074

Don't make any conclusions just from the name. Don't make any conclusions just from the name.

This is not one of the many bakeries that are popping up in Riga like mushrooms. Behind the doors, three different venues are hiding: cafe, restaurant and cocktail bar.
In the morning you might be tempted to explore their breakfast menu, which is fairly traditional with omelets, porridge and sandwiches. In the gap between your meetings, satiate your appetite with their sizzling business lunch offer of two courses for EUR 5.40.
The interior space is not huge and has quite an ungrateful shape, an outstretched square, giving the feeling of a passage-way, but the proprietors have done their best to make the venue cozy and inviting. White puffy sofas lining the wall are inviting to sink into and linger longer while observing barmen shaking cocktails on the opposite side by the bar.
On the menu you will see mainly European treats with a few accents from the east, which we evaluated as being very tasty but nothing out of the ordinary for Riga these days. Try, for example, the stir-fry beef with broccoli served with oyster sauce, or the trout with grilled vegetables. Whenever you're in the neighborhood step inside and make your own inspection. It'll be worth it.