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Light House

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By Howard Jarvis. 18.07.2010

Gulbenes 1A
Dzintari , Jurmala Phone: 371 6751 1445
Fax: 371 6751 1445

The Light House restaurant is slice of paradise in Jurmala atop a sweeping beachside panorama. The Light House restaurant’s slogan, “a slice of paradise”, is not just about the dizzying array of flavors created to tease and excite the palate. It also hints at the unbeatable location of this exclusive beachside hotel restaurant and terrace on the sand.

A sweeping view of 30 kilometers of beach, the sound of the gentle waves and a magnificent sunset are among the delights of this unique Jurmala fine dining spot, separated from the rest of the resort by the pines and parkland that run alongside the beach.
The executive chef has created a fine menu, the highlight of which is a sumptuous dish of Tsarskaya oysters, imported fresh every Friday direct from the seas of France. Available at the Light House only on weekends, they’re zesty enough to sense the Atlantic breeze.
This little luxury does not come cheap, at 3 lats (€4.30) per oyster or 30 lats for 12. But the chef’s care in preparing and presenting them – on a bed of crushed ice with salsa and lemon – ensures that they’re a memorable treat worth savoring.
There are plenty of other delights on the menu, particularly for the meat-lover. Steaks of all kinds can be ordered specially, ranging from the moderately priced homemade ox burger (€11.50) to the expensive Kobe steak hacked from an animal reared on beer and massaged with sake.
Nothing on the Light House menu has been conserved or frozen. The sturgeon, lamb and pike-perch are locally bred, while the melt-on-the-tongue St Peter’s fish is flown in from France with the oysters.
The rack of lamb (€18) comes in a pungent herby coat with couscous and red wine sauce, while the sturgeon (€26) is pan-fried and filled with black caviar and anchovy-onion sauce. There’s a modest selection of French and New World wines to accompany your meal. But it must be said that there isn’t much at the Light House to satisfy the conscientious vegetarian.
Forest berries, crème brûlée and homemade ice cream are the delicious dessert standouts (€6.50-8.50). But to end with something truly local, opt for the traditional Latvian layered bread dessert, a combination of cooked rye bread, strawberry sauce, double cream and apple jam.