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Hotel Avalon summer terrace bar

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By Howard Jarvis. 18.08.2010

Kalēju 70-72 , Riga Phone: 371 6716 9999

One of Riga’s most pleasant but little-known sky-high terraces can be found at the Hotel Avalon. This is one of the few terraces that overlooks the southern part of Old Riga, looking north.

The sweeping view northwards from the terrace takes in St Peter’s and St John’s, some quiet cobblestone streets and historic buildings used by merchants in centuries past, plus one or two bathroom windows.
Open from noon to midnight, the small terrace bar is often bustling on sultry evenings and serves refreshing Latvian beer. You can order freshly squeezed juices, cocktails, wine, and meals too, from salmon fillet to a king-sized hamburger.