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La Kanna

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By Howard Jarvis. 29.08.2011

Tērbatas 5 , Riga Phone: 6728 6867
Working hours: Mon-Thu 08:00 - 23:00
Fri 08:00 - 24:00
Sat 10:00 - 24:00
Sun 10:30 - 14:30

Here the focus is on starters, snacks and profiteroles with smoked salmon and chive mousse. With a chef who has experience working at top Riga restaurants such as Le Dome and Charleston’s, a location on cobblestone Tērbatas iela, and a concept of preparing light and healthy food, La Kanna is a super-popular lunchtime dining spot. The focus is on starters and snacks rather than sizeable main courses.

But La Kanna is also generally open until late in the evening – the kitchen works most days until 10pm – and offers portable food for tasty takeouts too. Grab some quiche, for example, and consume it on a bench in nearby Vērmanes Park or back in your hotel room in front of the TV.
Inside the restaurant, or at one of the tables on the street, you’ll be able to order dishes that are a touch more exquisite. On the menu the snacks are the mains – three with meat, three with fish, three vegetarian, all of which are priced at €2.65.
One of these specialties is profiteroles with smoked salmon and chive mousse. Another is the chef’s own meat terrine, with homemade onion marmalade and toasted baguette. The current bestseller is the risotto of the day (€2.80 or €4, depending on how hungry you are). Go to the open kitchen to select your own ingredients. Enjoy a refreshing glass of Le Colture prosecco or valpolicella from the Gamba vineyards in Veneto.
The best summertime option for dessert is the crème brûlée with fresh berries (€3.50), with dessert wines and grappa to hand. There’s a breakfast menu too, with omelettes, porridges, cottage cheese, and pancakes. Frizzante wine optional.