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Black Bee

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By Andra Kunstberga. 16.01.2014

Audēju 13 , Riga Phone: 6713 0674
Skype: 3
Working hours: Mon-Sun 12.00 - 23.00

A safe and secure environment inside the new Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa, Black Bee offers a fair range of flashy dishes. A safe and secure environment inside the new Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa, the Black Bee is a pleasant daytime spot for sitting by the huge windows with a book and dreamily glancing out at the world passing by – mostly pedestrians on this cobbled Old Town street.

Ostensibly a largish restaurant serving Latvian and European cuisine with “a modern twist” and occasional Russian and Scandinavian elements, it awakens to function as a breakfast zone for hotel guests in the mornings. By midday it’s been mopped up and opened to the general public for lunch, dinner, coffee, wine, Latvian beer, cocktails, and more. The prices are reasonable, the presentation of the dishes artistic, the service attentive.

Situated at the southern end of the Old Town, near the Galerija Centrs shopping mall, it has a classy, shiny interior with bright sparkly lighting and décor in golds and browns – like the inside of a honeycomb, perhaps. Mounted TV screens buzz with sports channels.

The menu, wrapped in gold-colored paper, has a minimal spread of dishes with a page each dedicated to meat and fish. There’s very little vegetarian on offer.

But with local ingredients used wherever possible, the range is fairly broad. Less typical meats such as rabbit, duck and veal pepper the menu. Rabbit confit (€6.40; pictured) is deliciously sweet ‘n’ savory, served in a little tower meshed with rum-marinated plums, young beet leaves, pine nuts and cranberry marmalade.

Popular dishes such as burgers (€6.40 to €9.30) get the upscale multi-deck treatment, while the black Angus beef rib eye steak (€21.40) comes with butter-based “café de Paris” and bourbon sauce as well as French fries and salad.

As entrees, Siberian whitefish carpaccio is bathed in a caper-lemon sauce, and to please Swedish patrons there’s chowder with elk meatballs. A business menu is said to be on the cards at some point in the near future.