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Music Factory: A Nice Place

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By Anatol Steven. 23.02.2015

Citadeles 2 , Riga Mobile: 2700 1122
Skype: 1
Working hours: Mon-Thu 12.00 - 02.00
Fri-Sat 12.00 - 06.00
Sun 12.00 - 02.00

It may sound infantile, but it actually is “a nice place”. It may sound infantile, but it actually is “a nice place”, laidback and generally for slightly older, rockier adults.

Music Factory can be found a few steps north of the Old Town close to the river. It’s friendly spot for meeting likeminded rock-loving friends and slowly disappearing into a pleasant evening’s haze.

Metal is played, live, tattoos are compared, piercings glisten, and the sign of the horns is enthusiastically waved. Sometimes there are karaoke nights, occasionally standup comedy.

In case you’re wondering, the pole at the center of the cozy room is in use. At the crux of a Friday and Saturday night a scantily clad girl may appear and do a lithe gymnastic dance using it. But Music Factory is, as it proclaims, a nice place, and the dancers won’t shed everything.

Warm up for the evening by going there in time for happy hour, between 4pm and 8pm, and get two drinks for the price of one. For the more you drink, the nicer it gets.