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Olympic Voodoo Casino: Under a Spell

By Anita Kaze. 24.10.2008

The theme of this casino offers a kooky voodoo style featuring giant masks, hypnotic swirling carpets and animal print sofas. Blood red lighting and more fantastic rock formations complete the look of a mysterious magical atmosphere. It’s the largest casino in Latvia, offering plenty of room to chill out with a drink, or join in the gambling action. This may not be to the taste of those who like a more personal touch, but it’s great for those who like a bustling crowded atmosphere, especially on weekends. There’s also more of a commercial vibe, with top 40 music punctuated by advertisements playing over the loudspeakers.

Being the biggest casino, Voodoo has a whopping 26 table games to choose from, featuring Blackjack, American Roulette, Texas Hold ‘em, four and five card Poker. This time we tested our luck on a few of the 116 slot machines, hoping to get the special jackpots for players (we didn’t). Betting starts at 2 lats, or 5 lats on weekends, for card games and 0.50 lats for Roulette. Non-smokers will be happy to see that the casino is clearly divided into smoking and non-smoking playing zones.

Voodoo also has free drinks for players from a special menu. As at Olympic in the Radisson Hotel, everyone can register for free as a Bonus Client to get a 15 percent discount at the bar. Behind the scenes there’s a VIP area with four tables, with one each for roulette and poker, and 2 for Black Jack. There’s also a lounge area with extra little perks like complimentary fruit for guests.

Right by the playing area, there’s a sushi bar open 24 hours daily that works with the Shogun Japanese restaurant. The restaurant part is open Sunday to Wednesday 12:00 to 24:00 and Thursday to Saturday 24 hours, when the full menu is available.