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Kaļķu vārti

By Editor. 08.08.2008

Kaļķu iela 11a , Riga Phone: 3716722457
Working hours: Mon-Thu : - closed
Fri-Sat 22.00 - 6.00
Sun : - closed




Kalku varti is one of Riga's most popular nighlubs. Kalku varti is one of Riga's most popular nighlubs.

Kaļķu Vārti (The Lime Gates) feels like you’ve descended into an historic basement bizarrely contrasted by the modern splashes of colored lights and disco ball reflections whirling about. Speaking of which, the whole light show here is quite impressive.

The club was completely revamped two years ago, so everything still appears as fresh and perky as the patrons. This medium-sized place is basically one large dance floor with brick columns studding the entire place. But there’s enough seating to relax or just watch and drink if that’s what you prefer. Funky white sofas and stools are set up around tables along the perimeter of the club. The bar area is quite large so there’s easy access to the drinks. We experienced friendly service and a standard bar menu. Cocktails are a well-sized with a Margarita setting you back around €7. Club entrance is free.

According to club policy, the youngest person you’ll find here is 21 and judging by the bouncers carefully checking ID at the door, this is strictly enforced. Inside the patrons ranged from early 20s to late 30s. Due to the location on the edge of one of the busiest squares in Old Town, you’ll find quite a lot of foreigners at this club too, especially during the summer time. There’s a light and fun atmosphere here in this club, most likely due to the music. The club provides loyal local DJs playing high-energy combination of pop, house, mainstream and R&B.

To go somewhere quieter, you can retreat to a roof-top terrace chill-out area. The terrace’s unique set-up offers patrons the opportunity to people-watch across the square, perched upon barstools at a counter that lines the entire perimeter of the terrace. There’s really no place like it in all of Riga. The atmosphere is relaxed and chilled, and if the barstools aren’t your thing there are casual wicker sofas and chairs to sink right into.