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Club Discoteque

By Inese Timuka . 11.09.2009

Another new nightclub, imaginatively called Discoteque, has arrived on the nightlife scene of the city that never sleeps, located on the bank of the River Daugava.


Once you get past the cloakroom located beside the front entrance the interior is contemporary and without surprises. Allow your senses to lead you into a black-and-red world with a spacious dancefloor and sizable bar area.

The venue is divided into three levels. Rise up to the second floor to eye the shifting crowd. Later, take a trip to the third floor for a breather in a green chillout zone named "Q" where you can sit more comfortably and chat with the beautiful local youngsters.

The cocktails are cheap – a vodka drink for €4 compared to €2 for a beer. There's a rather strict door control, so don't go there when you're already off your face, and bear in mind that after 11pm you'll be charged a little over €4 for entry. Overall the club is not located in the center of Riga and we think the owners should put a bit more effort to motivating some of Riga's many party animals to make the journey over there to fill it up.