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By Amy Bryzgel . 06.08.2008

Take a trip down memory lane, right in the heart of Old Town!

Whether your youth was spent as a Young Pioneer in the former Soviet Union, or further afield in the West, you’ll be sure to appreciate the 1970s/80s funky décor and retro chic of Mad House. Four different “rooms” line one side of the bar, where you can choose from the sitting room, library or kitchen to take your evening cocktails or meal. All of the furniture is authentic, brought back from Berlin by the place’s owner, Bruno, who scoured antique shops in search of the perfect chair, table or accoutrement. The dance floor even has a 1970s style lit floor (a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever!).
The drink list is immense, offering about ten pages full of various cocktails divided into simple categories – with Red Bull, stick cocktails, hot, strong alcohol, and various others. Prices range from a cool €5 to €8, which is rather affordable for Old Town. Downstairs there’s a smoker’s lounge, and an outdoor terrace will open soon on Livu Laukums. This place has literally got it all.