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Park SPA

By Inese Timuka. 22.01.2009

Kalpaka 9 , Riga Mobile: 37129121111
Working hours: Mon-Sat 12.00 - 22.00
Sun 14.00 - 21.00

Visit a new spa located in front of the picturesque Kronvalda Park.      Visit a new spa located in front of the picturesque Kronvalda Park.


The idea of Park Spa is to bring peace and clarity to your mind; strength and beauty to your body; and inspiration for your soul. Natural materials are used whenever possible throughout, creating a calm and relaxing interior. You will find many soft linen tones, veneered furniture and calm lighting, all fluidly combined.

They provide hands-on care with natural products and centuries-old skills. Highly-talented specialists will help each guest choose the most fitting treatments. On offer are different types of massages and rituals: Hot Stone Massage, Cleopatra Milk Bath, Black pepper peeling, and Chocolate peeling are just few of them. For special occasions there is a VIP program (220€), when two of you will have the chance to relax while your body will be peeled and massaged, and your face will be indulged with a mask. The procedure is accompanied by a relaxing blossom bath with a glass of champagne