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“Short” film festival ready to start

By Andra Kunstberga. 11.06.2014

Unusual cultural event scheduled to launch

An unusual cultural event is set to take place tomorrow, with a focus on innovative short fiction films. The Two Eyes Film Festival will be held at the Albert Hotel’s top-floor Star Lounge (Dzirnavu Street 33) on June 12. 

Two Eyes is being created in cooperation with the UK’s National Film & Television School (NFTS), a school well-known for having educated more Oscar nominees than any other.

This cooperation is a major advantage for Two Eyes, the organizers say, allowing them to present some of the most advanced works from the film industry. At Two Eyes you can learn about films today – something others will be able to access only tomorrow.

Films being screened at the event include the Oscar-nominated Most, directed by Bobby Garabedian; The Confession, directed by Tanel Toom, which was also nominated for an Oscar; and Anita by Geoff Bellhouse.

The festival will start at 19.00 and finish at 23.30, with a 30-minute break from 21.00. Tickets are priced at €5 each.

[pictured: The Confession]